Teaching VR/AR/MR at SVC Seattle

Larry Asher demoing the Vive.

On Thursday, July 14th, I ran a workshop at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts: Understanding Our New Reality: An Introduction to VR/AR/MR, and it went REALLY GREAT! Special thanks to Valve for providing the Vive used for the class!

SSWS Named AIGA Top Design Podcast

Say Something Worth Stealing was featured in AIGA’s Eye on Design as one of the top 7 design podcasts you should be listening to.

Interviewed for AIGA’s Podcasting 101

Illustration by Martina Paukova

Thinking about starting a podcast? I contributed thoughts to the AIGA Eye on Design companion article, Everything You Need to Know Before Starting a Design Podcast.

Speaking at Creative Mornings Seattle

Eric Rak and I spoke at CreativeMornings Seattle on May 20th. Our talk was called Smashing The Screen: Holographic Design and the New Reality, and if you’re interested in designing holographic experiences for Microsoft’s HoloLens, I’ll link to the video when it’s available.

UPDATE: Bad news. The generous team that records CreativeMornings lost the hard drive our talk was on, turning it into a real live case of “I guess you had to be there.”

Making a Facebook Bot Me

I made a bot version of myself for Facebook Messenger. You can chat it up at http://m.me/davecurrybot.

Itunes New & Noteworthy? Say Something Worth Stealing

Hurrah! Say Something Worth Stealing was featured as New & Noteworthy on the podcast front page of iTunes.

Designing for HoloLens and Mixed Reality

think like explorers

Improv, Not Screenplays: Iterative Holographic Design is an easy-to-consume article version of a presentation I gave at Microsoft’s Build Conference.

Winning a Mii Contest

Here’s an old nugget. Way back in 2007 Jason Kottke held a celebrity Mii contest and I won with my “brilliant Zach Braff” interpretation. Hah!