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Latest News

🌟 I am thrilled to have been part of Adobe’s Project Felix launch with mega-talented creatives from Adidas and POP (although seeing this on a 50 ft. screen at Adobe Max would have given me a minor heart attack).

🏆 There goes the judge! It was an honor to be a ‘your honor’ at MIT Media Lab’s Reality, Virtually, Hackathon, one of the most inspiring events I’ve ever been part of. Five hundred participants from around the globe assembled into seventy-four project teams to create virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences over the course of 48 hours... Incredible.

🌝 Microsoft invited me and Eric Rak to give our Build presentation, “Improv, Not Screenplays: Iterative Holographic Design”, to an incoming Holographic Academy class, and then sent us over the moon by publishing our talk on the Microsoft HoloLens Youtube channel. (BTW, an ears-only version is also available as SSWS podcast episode #23.)

🎙 I spoke at the Seattle Interactive Conference with my good buddy Jonathan Faunce from HTC Vive. Our presentation focused on how virtual, augmented, and mixed realities present a once-in-a-generation opportunity for brands to engage with their customers in completely new ways. I recorded the talk, and with SIC’s permission, released it as SSWS podcast episode #24 for those that couldn’t catch it IRL.

🎙 I was invited to join a panel discussion at Digital Hollywood called “Advertising, Live and Brands in VR-AR-360 Video – from Mobile & Immersive to Experiential.” I joined influencers from Reel FX, Fuel, and Epicenter VR on stage for a rousing conversation we all had a lot of fun with, and there exists a somewhat blurry video of our talk on YouTube. 🤓

✍️ I wrote an article for Red Hat’s The Enterprisers Project — If you aren’t experiencing AR/VR for yourself, you risk falling behind.

🖖 The Seattle Channel filmed a segment on CreativeMornings Seattle during our talk on learnings from designing holographic experiences for HoloLens.

⚽️ Microsoft HoloLens published a video featuring the POP team’s holographic match-analysis tool built for Major League Soccer, alongside the other amazing agencies that participated in the HoloLens Agency Readiness Program.
👏 Check. 👏 It. 👏 Out. 👏

👯 MILESTONE ALERT! Sometime in mid-July, Say Something Worth Stealing, my lil’ podcast for creatives, about creatives, surpassed 10,000 downloads! Huzzah and thanks for listening!

⏰ On Thursday, July 14th, I ran a workshop at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts: Understanding Our New Reality: An Introduction to VR/AR/MR, and it went REALLY GREAT! Special thanks to Valve for providing the Vive used for the class!

👁 Say Something Worth Stealing was featured in AIGA’s Eye on Design as one of the top 7 design podcasts you should be listening to.

🦄 Thinking about starting a podcast? I contributed thoughts to the AIGA Eye on Design companion article, Everything You Need to Know Before Starting a Design Podcast.

😁 I spoke at CreativeMornings Seattle on May 20th. Our talk was called Smashing The Screen: Holographic Design and the New Reality, and if you’re interested in designing holographic experiences for Microsoft’s HoloLens, I’ll link to the video when it’s available. UPDATE: Bad news. The generous team that records CreativeMornings lost the hard drive our talk was on, turning it into a real live case of “I guess you had to be there.” 😖

🤖 I made a bot version of myself for Facebook Messenger. You can chat it up at http://m.me/davecurrybot.

🎤 Say Something Worth Stealing was featured as New & Noteworthy on the podcast front page of iTunes.

✍️ Improv, Not Screenplays: Iterative Holographic Design is an easy-to-consume article version of a presentation I gave at Microsoft’s Build Conference.

👀 Here’s a Vine I shot of our MLS HoloMatch app, through the HoloLens, with an iPhone. It’s not perfect but it give you decent idea of what’s going on in our holographic match-analysis tool for soccer coaches.


🤘I’m VP Emerging Trends & Technology at POP, where I identify and figure out how best to leverage the trends and technologies (VR/AR/MR and bots as examples) that will make a future impact on our clients’ businesses.

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Projects, Press, Etc.

🔮 I gave a bunch of excited VR enthusiasts HoloLens demos at the Seattle VR Meetup

🌁 Improv, Not Screenplays: Iterative Holographic Design is a presentation I gave at Microsoft’s Build Conference, not once, but three times

📰 Developers Excited About HoloLens, Say It Needs a Whole New Way of Thinking – Ars Technica

💥 The Photo Album Is Your Phone’s New Junk Drawer – BuzzFeed

🎩 Member—Seattle Interactive Conference Advisory Board

🗣 Jury Member—CommArts Interactive Competition – Communication Arts

💬 GroupMe Won The SXSW Group Messaging Wars, Says Infographic – TechCrunch

⚗ Old Spice Goes Viral – Future Tense on APM

🛡 Earn Your Badge For Social and Gaming Success – iMedia Connection

📱 How to Survive Geolocation’s Looming Apocalypse – AdAge.com

🏅 Here’s an old nugget. Way back in 2007 Jason Kottke held a celebrity Mii contest and I won with my “brilliant Zach Braff” interpretation. Hah!

Zach Braff Mii

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